My One Light Setup

Lighting is not that complicated once you understand the general principles. Basically I use a large diffused light source with subject distance placement within the diameter of the light modifier.

For example using a 5′ octobox placed within 5′ of the subject will insure soft shadows and a wrap around effect for the light hitting the subject. I’m more precise with lighting so I do use a meter to measure light output. I usually place the light on a boom pointed at a 45° high and down with the bottom edge of the modifier being around the chest level. Here is a diagram:


My lighting techniques are very similar to Joel Grimes. Check out these videos to see his explanation of his lighting technique:


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Starting Over

Well this sucks….

I was up dating my site when suddenly I was locked out of every website that I have. I call support at my web host and they told me that they are reporting a virus or malware (possibly a worm) embedded in my site. They informed me that I have two choices: 1. hire someone to find and trash the offending files (which would be tres expensive) or 2. Go scorched earth and delete everything (files and databases) and start over. I chose Option #2.

Looks like all the work that I’ve done over the years is gone. I’ll try my best to recover the info and repost past blogging so be patient with me!

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